Cassini Group - the best way to become a Young Astronomer

Are you a girl or boy at the age of 12 to 16?
And you want to learn more about astronomy and space?

The Cassini Group is a place where you have to learn and push yourself to new boundaries - because you want to aim high.

The Team Leaders are experienced teachers and astronomers. They have a lot to offer.

Sky observation is part of our work - but you have to put the astrophysical basics in your head!

What ever we present in the lectures will be given to you as a script (via e-mail).

Read it once again at home and try to answer the questionnaire you will get to check your understanding.

By joining the Cassini Group you will become a Youth Member of the Port Macquarie Astronomical Society PMAA.

Your annual fee will be $15.00.


We meet every third Wednesday at 7pm.

The first part of the evening will be a lecture about ... Gravitational forces to Hydrogen fusion in the Sun, Red shift to the Expansion of space, Low Orbit Satellites to Rocket propellants and much more.

To understand what you will be seeing through the telescope will require a basic astrophysical knowledge.

Just what an astronomer must know about space and space exploration.


The second part of the evening will be sky observation ... the Set-up of a telescope to the Alignment, the right Choice of an eyepiece to the Documentation of the observed object, Sun observation to Maintenance of optical instruments.

Just what an astronomer must know about using a telescope.

The night will end around 8:15 with closing up of the Observatory.

"Once we have received your application we will contact you and discussing your interests in astronomy. During that discussion we will answer any questions you may have.

Workshops will begin 15. September 2021.
For those who want to join the Cassini Group later in the year we will offer a "speed-up training" so that you can "jump up" to the Cassini Group and not get lost.

After a year of active participation you may not only apply for a certificate but you also may present your knowledge to the PMAA members during an Open Night - that's cool and a real challenge. Go for it!"

Karla Schmalkuche and Karl Georg Scheuter
(Team Leaders)

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