Join The Port Macquarie Astronomical Association

To become a member of The Port Macquarie Astronomical Association please download and fill out an application form.

PMAA Statement

To facilitate research, education and discovery by providing an environment for learning, interaction and co-operation and to present this information to the public in an exciting and interesting manner.

Vision Statement

To strive to increase the public awareness of the available astronomical observing facilities and to foster further learning opportunities, research activities and new discoveries.

To constantly update and improve public presentations utilising the latest techniques available to provide stimulating audiovisuals, planetarium presentations and access to viewing telescopes.

To progressively grow the number of presentations and develop planetarium and audio visual presentations for continual display.

To develop and publish a significant and comprehensive e-book on astronomy and cosmology to be available on the Association website.

To manage effectively a transition to the new observatory premises.


In order to achieve its Mission Statement and Vision the Association has established the following aims and objectives: -

  • To promote public awareness and understanding of astronomy through high quality, stimulating, relevant and timely public presentations and star viewing nights.
  • To operate and maintain the various telescopes, computers and other equipment necessary for research, learning and public presentations.
  • To foster astronomical research facilities and learning opportunities for Association members.
  • To provide specialised educational opportunities for school students, seniors, tourist and other interest groups.
  • To provide a venue that is welcoming and comfortable for the public and Association members.
  • To maintain and continually update a quality, high interest website.
  • To facilitate the continuing development of the tourism potential of astronomy in the Port Macquarie Hastings region.