“Let us celebrate the winter solstice together at least in spirit and with those brave scientists and adventurers at Casey Station in Antarctica.
This is the challenge:
Invite a friend or two over to celebrate the longest night on Saturday 20 June

Make a meal that is made of foods that are either frozen tinned or long lasting such as nuts, dried fruit, rice, legumes, flour, eggs etc

Have your dinner by candle light because it is romantic, they do it that way in Antarctica, but primarily because it also acknowledges the 1961 statement made by astronaut Alan Sheperd on America’s first human space flight and repeated on the recent SpaceX trip by Hurley “Let’s light this candle”..

Photograph or video your preparations, your dining and send us your recordings and your recipes …we will put them altogether and celebrate your endeavours on our website and annually on the winter solstice.

Help us to make this event an annual success story for Port Macquarie Observatory, for you and for all those brave scientists, astronauts and adventurers”