The Committee as per July 2021:

President:   Robert Brangwin

Vice President:   Chris Ireland

Secretary:   David Edgerley

Treasurer:   Rod Archer

Fundraising and Finance:   Emilie Cooper

Asset Management and Maintenance:   Chris Francis

Education:   Bruce Dawson

Publicity, Marketing and Communication:   Grace Connor

Membership and Special Events:   Michelle Hoy

Second row from left to right:

Robert Brangwin, David Edgerley, Bruce Dawson and Chris Ireland
First row from left to right:
Grace Connor, Emilie Cooper, Chris Francis, Sophie Triggs, Kevin MacFarlane

Sophie Triggs and Kevin MacFarlane have left the Committee.

Sophie resigned as Membership and Special Events Coordinator and Kevin MacFarlane as Treasurer.
Both are still volunteering and supporting the Committee where ever they can.

Michelle Hoy was asked if she would consider filling the Membership and Special Events role. Michelle was happy to accept.

Rod Archer was willing to join the Committee as the new Treasurer.